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Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Waterproofing Engineering & Technologies has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!



I can indicate from my personal observations of applications of your product line that they perform extremely well in adhering to, sealing and waterproofing concrete, masonry, stucco and other cement based products. The physical properties upon which the product line is based, wherein the sealants permeate the cement based product and seals the voids is far superior to the surface applied sealants.
Jack Atkins - City of Placerville, California

Thank you and your company for correcting a major water seepage problem that has persisted for the past eighteen years. Based on our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend the use of CONSEAL as a permanent moisture barrier in any concrete application.
Roger E. Bergthold - Roseville Telephone Company

We suffered a moisture problem due to the extremely wet climate and the fact that there was no visqueen layer installed under the slabs. The floors that you sealed with CONSEAL seem to be completely cured. Tenants reported that the moisture problems they had previously experienced have totally disappeared.
Dianna Axley - IMA Commercial Properties

My sincere thanks for the effort that you and your company put forth to help me with my problems. KON-CURE not only works well as a cure, but it also serves as an effective hardener. It allows workers on the slab as soon as the forms can be removed. After your application, I am happy to say I have fewer cracks in our slabs.
Ben Jones - C & S Cement Contractors, Inc.

Our firm is the property management arm of one of the largest shopping center development and construction firms in America. We have been very pleased with the results their products have given us in sealing troublesome areas.
John J. Howe - Hahn Property Management Corporation

Your product is highly qualified and should be considered by all plastering contractors with stucco problems.
Will Morro - Construction Materials Supply

The application of Stucco Seal 2200 and Conseal 1000 for the above project has totally cured the leaking problem which has persisted for many years.
James J. Tanaka - Paschal & Tanaka, Inc.

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